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Originally Posted by Skywatcher View Post
How is Baba made?


Vagina IS Win. Penis IS Float AND You.

Originally Posted by Mithras
One point that isn't that obvious from the description: it sounds a lot more open than it is. What I mean is, one might think that there would be many ways to rearrange the words to solve a puzzle. But usually beyond the intro levels, there's probably only one solution.

Agreed from what I've seen (don't own the game but watched a couple infuriating Let's Plays. Infuriating because "DUDE YOU HAD THE... Why are you doing this ?! It was so blindingly obvious ! Go back two moves, don't.. AAAAGH"), it's just that some of these solutions really turn your noggin' around. As well I really like the fact that often puzzle 2 is just puzzle 1 with one or two elements slightly tweaked at most... which nevertheless requires a totally different solution.
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