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Originally Posted by Moriarty View Post
Agreed. He didnít exist in this timeline, probably because he was such a random part of the encounter (Parent had been visiting the caretakerís house trying to sell him a radio. It was just coincidence that he would be driving out while the killers were driving in).

Also, did they include Squeaky as one of the murderers (the redhead)? She wasnít one of the people who went to Tateís house.

In this alternate universe, I also wonder what became of the rest of the Manson clan, who in our world went on to commit another horrific murder the next night. In ďOnce Upon a TimeĒ, Manson is still plotting his war.
Was that Squeaky in the car? It didnít look like her.

Also, in this timeline the Labiancas apparently would survive.
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