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Had high hopes. The first 2/3rds were OK, and the final scenes were exactly what I feared they would be - alternate history with cartoon violence.

He is better than this.

Or maybe he is not. He is so talented and he keeps making the same movie over and over.

The "homage" to classic movies/TV shows I found uninteresting. It was OK. There was none of the great dialog we've come to expect -except for the 8 year old "method actor"- loved that.

We got 2 scenes of Brad driving around with "cool" music of the era playing.

I had hopes with this movie and the Manson murders, a significient event in our history. It changed the way people felt about being secure in their homes. Much like In Cold Blood.

But in his world, it never happened. Some stupid alternate universe where the good guys slaughter the bad guys.

Tarantino is still a teenager. I would like to see an adult flim from him.