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Originally Posted by Acsenray View Post
We only ever see them say that in the fantasy sequence.

Iím pretty sure itís not a flashback. There is a flashback to his wife but I think itís in the daydream too.
I guess I got the chronology all messed up.

First, Cliff drives Rick to the set of the western, where Rick tells Cliff he has no chance of being cast, because of some guy from Green Hornet is in charge of the casting, so Cliff goes home to fix the antenna.
-Cliff parkours up to the roof and removes his shirt, making women swoon in theaters worldwide.
-Cliff starts to daydream about being on the set of the Green Hornet. But this can't all be Cliff's daydream, because some of it is from Rick's POV, which Cliff couldn't know, right? Isn't there a scene where Rick is persuading the guy to let Cliff wardrobe up, when the guy refers to his wife thinking Cliff is a wife murderer?
-Then we see Cliff and Bruce fight, and Cliff gets thrown off the set.

But for some reason, I thought scenes from Rick on the Western set were interspersed in there, before we saw Cliff back on the roof again. Did it go right from Rick persuading the guy to let Cliff dress, to showing Bruce Lee mouthing off backstage with Cliff sitting on a trailer drinking a 1/2 pint of milk? I thought Rick's scenes with the 8-yr-old method actOR was right in there...

I tend not to like to watch movies over and over in order to pick up whatever twist and reference there might be. So I pretty much just let this one wash over me - and enjoyed it in that manner.
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