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Re: Root at 3. Two points, one I have made before, one exclusively on the current merits:

The idea your best batsman should play 3 is rubbish. IVA Richards played most of his Tests away from 3, Tendulkar didn't really play 3, nor did Lara, nor does Kohli or Smith, nor did KP, Kallis, Sangakkara and many others besides. Pick your best batsman where he is comfortable, don't shoehorn him in wherever because of some mythical piece of logic.

Root's average as captain at 4 is 45.28. His average at 3 is 28.54. Are we really saying that either a) Root is going to turn this around, b) Denly will score 17 runs an innings more at 4 than he would have at 3 or c) a combination of the above? Seems unlikely to me - seems instead like it's weakening an already brittle batting order.