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Originally Posted by penultima thule View Post
It's been a while since Pattinson was fit to play but when he was he is quicker than Cummins.
Agree that Pattinson, Cummins and Siddle is the best pace attack for Edgbaston with one claveat ... they are all right armers.

Given that the most fanciful result is a 5 day batting display, I'd bring in Starc for Lyon and go straight pace.
I think there's fair enough reasoning here. If it doesn't look like it will spin much, don't bother with Lyon. He's pretty useful against the several left handed batsmen England have but it might not be required.

Pattinson is an odd one - I've never thought of him as super quick (though evidently he is) mostly because all the highlights I've ever seen of him on the web from his time at Notts are him seaming the ball around and making everyone look useless. Pace and seam movement to exploit English conditions? Arguably he should be first name on the team sheet.

We haven't even discussed Hazelwood...

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