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I think one problem with being closer in is that it makes it more difficult to keep the non-strikers crease and the batter in view at the same time. I.e. if you're looking down at the crease from 3 ft away at the moment the bowler releases the ball, you've got a second or so to look back up, pick up the flight of an 85 mph ball and possibly make an LBW call. Whereas if you're standing back it's easier to make the no-ball call without losing the overall view. Maybe?

I'm unpatriotically glad that Australia dragged it into the third session. Trent Bridge 2015 was fun, but this is Test cricket and one- or two-session innings should be a rarity. If this series is going to be a succession of collapses (which it well might be!) then I'll feel rather short-changed in a "C'est magnifique, mais c'est nes pas de guerre" kind of way.

I mean, to a point. I'm not calling for a record 10th wicket stand or anything crazy.