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Originally Posted by Cicero View Post
I am extremely happy that Smith scored so well- over 50% of Australia's runs. Surely the heckling has gone past the use by date given other indiscretions by other players from various countries.
In some respects, I don't think I disagree with this. This said, what reaction do you reckon an English cricketer would have got, under the same circumstances, in Australia? Given the treatment meted out in a subsequent Australian series to Broad for not walking in an Ashes Test up here (an offence that seems somewhat less serious to me than using sandpaper on the ball)? Given "get ready for a broken fuckin' arm"? Given the wind up that is generally given to the public by the media?

It's all bollocks and I wish everything could be conducted with a better sense of sportsmanship. I am sure we're all pretty much of like mind on this board. The fact of the matter is though, this is now how the masses respond. Putting a lid on it is going to be bloody difficult. In point of fact, the only way it will happen is keep scoring buckets of runs regardless - eventually the barrackers will shut up as it's not having an effect.