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I've just set up an account on Bovada because I stupidly missed the wager cutoff that my other betting site imposes on Formula 1. Luckily Bovada is not only open later for betting, but also offers FAR more bets on F1 than the site I'd been using, which allows you only to bet to win. Bovada offers almost as much variety for F1 than other sites do for baseball and basketball. You can bet on showings in the top 3, top 6, top 10, you can bet by team, you can bet on who will retire first, on who will have the fastest lap, on a myriad of other things. You can even bet on whether or not the damn safety car will be in the race (!). Just wanted to throw this out there, in case anyone else here cares to wager on these races.

Based on Vettel's surprisingly strong performance last time, I bet on him to win, which would have a large payoff. Safety bet on Hamilton, "first to retire" on Leclerc (another small risk/high-reward wager.)

The "top 6" and "top 10" options, I want to wait until a little later in the season to try. There are some wild cards like Raikkonen who I think has a good chance of cracking the top 6, and Kvyat and Stroll who could muscle into the top 10 if they do even just slightly better in qualifying.