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Excellent analysis as usual, thanks. It's just frustrating to see (as far as the scorecard tells it) only one or two batsmen showing belief that they can play the sort of substantial innings required. To not even get close to making it is hard to forgive, looks like a complete lack of mental toughness.

I heard Michael Vaughan (who I find to be a consistently good contributor, knowledgeable and forthright) say on day 3 or 4 that 150 would be a tricky chase and he was absolutely right.

I also need to give you credit for this comment:

Originally Posted by penultima thule View Post
If Aust consistently post first innings 300 totals, which I rank as the benchmark, it will be because the lesser knowns Bancroft, Head, Wade who make the runs.
Let's move on - would anyone care to disagree with this selection for Lord's, or comment on the likelihood of it actually happening?


I want to find a place for Curran but I think the only way to do that is to leave out Foakes (with Buttler keeping) and I don't think that's a net benefit overall.

ETA: I am of course assuming Archer is fit and Anderson is not, both of which may not in fact be the case. If neither is fit I think I'd have Curran over Wood. If both are, Anderson over Archer. And I'd want the physio to be at least 90% confident about Anderson being able to bowl throughout.

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