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No activity on this thread for nearly four weeks! It's been a slammy week, so I'll make a couple of posts on them.

Monday was notable for bidding two grand slams. On the first I had A9842 42 K1096 K8. Partner opened 1H, RHO bid 2H, Michaels. I doubled, showing the ability to double at least one of his suits. Partner bid 4D. At this point, 4S from me is probably a cue bid agreeing diamonds, but wanting to keep things clear I bid 6D. She then bid 7D, holding Q AKQ9xx AQxxx A. 7H makes also, but 7D does not need a 3-2 heart break.

Then I held 742 QJ106 AKJ A86. Partner opened 1S, 4D from RHO. I should maybe have doubled, which would have been negative, but vulnerable against not I did not want partner to pass and have us collect 500 against a vulnerable game. I bid 4S, 4NT from partner, 5H from me and now partner bid 6C. What's that? The standard meaning is to be an ask for third round control, but I doubted partner knew that. She's a very good player - has won a national championship - but likes to keep things simple and has mental blocks about the finer points of RKCB. I bid 6NT (we are playing matchpoints and I'm not ruffing anything), partner bid 7S, passed around to LHO who doubled instantly. Against these opponents, I was pretty sure that signified a spade stack rather than be a Lightner double, so I thought if spades are not coming in, 7NT has no chance either, so I stood it. My RHO led a diamond and LHO ruffed it. The double was not Lightner - she had Q109x of spades. However, 7NT can make. Partner had AKJ8xx AKxx x KJ. Finessing in spades (which is marked after LHO shows out on a top one), diamonds and clubs brings home the grand in NT. 6NT would have scored over 90%

What was 6C? Asking for queen of trumps, even though I had already denied it.

100% on the first board, 0% on the second. Average score on our slams. Hey ho.