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Played this last weekend:

Space Base

Deceptively simple in appearance but complicated enough to get interesting. You roll 2 dice, can take either both dice together as a number OR each die as its own number separately. You activate the ship card in your base corresponding to that number (or those two numbers) and get the power(s) on that card (typically coins early on). You then may buy new ships from a common pool, paying attention not only to their power but also their "reward" and the numbered spot they will occupy on the "base" board. When you buy a ship from the common pool it displaces the one already in your base -- displaced ships are tucked under with only the reward showing. On OTHER PLAYERS' die rolls, you get the reward for these "deployed" ships if their number is rolled.

This creates strategic tension. The 1-6 ships tend to give less reward because you could get two of them in a turn. The 7-12 ships you could obviously only get the reward from once (since it takes both dice to add up to the number) so they tend to have higher payoffs. Displacing a good power means you lose it, but that ship's reward is now available on other players' turns. Do you want a few slots with heavily-stacked-up rewards, or lower rewards in almost every slot to cover whatever the dice might roll?

The powers and rewards become increasingly complicated as the game progresses, allowing you to shift over to a different slot (i.e., roll a 7, get the reward from slot 5), change dice, lock dice, increase baseline income, get victory points, and so on.

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