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Originally Posted by Enright3 View Post

I seem to remember a game talked about here before that was something like a spy game? I'm fuzzy on the details which is probably why I couldn't find it online. Something like one person is a spy in the group, and the purpose of the game is to figure out who the spy is?
This looks like Mafia, which I came in to suggest, but I see Inner Stickler has beaten me to it.

There are plenty of drinking games that fit this description. 2 simple ones (that you can make more complex by adding more "rules" as you go along, if desired) are Fizz buzz and 21. For the former, you can make it a bit more complex by using 5 and 7 (instead of 3 and 5) for "fizz" and "buzz", and also insist number containing the relevant number are replaced by "fizz" and "buzz".

This would lead to such as: "...48, buzz, fizz-fizz [for being a multiple of and containing the number 5], fizz, fizz, fizz, fizz-fizz-fizz, fizz-buzz, fizz-buzz, fizz, fizz, fizz, 61...".