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The Orioles remain the poster boy for "awful team" because they were just so epically bad last year, and they continue to play Chris Davis, which cannot be interpreted as anything other than total insanity or a deliberate effort to lose baseball games.

But man, the Tigers suck. They are very, very bad in terms of winning and losing; right now they are on pace to go 49-113, which is historically terrible. They will probably not lose 120 to equal the '62 Mets and "Beat" the 2003 Tigers, but they are actually getting worse so who knows.

The thing is - like, do they have any hope at all? The team is rolling a lot of bad veterans out there, and they don't have any Grade A prospects. I am a fan of the Blue Jays and they're a very bad team but at least we can enjoy watching Vlad Jr. and Bo Bichette become great players.
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