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It's not usually in the overall interest, but there is going to be a reckoning at some point is something goes too far. The fact DeChambeau is being pilloried in public by other pros is proof he is going too far.

That said, peer pressure and criticism is, logically, the first step in correcting it, and it'll probably work eventually.

Originally Posted by notfrommensa
Unlike Team Pro Sports, pro golfers are self governed. They are not accountable to a team owner. The Commissioner works for the Players, the Players don't work him.
This isn't really true. you are, I presume, referring to the PGA TOUR, which organizes most major tournaments. PGA TOUR is a not for profit that is essentially a cooperative enterprise between its management, players, sponsors, and charities. It doesn't have an owner, and so it is no more correct to say the Commissioner works for the players than it is to say the players work for him. If anything, they both work for the sponsors.
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