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Some spoilers. But, hey. It's not like this thread is dominated by people how haven't seen it yet.

We caught up DCI John Luther in recent nights.

I was ticked about the absence of Alison during series 4.

But then the vocabulary rich interplay between them was back. Some of the time.

As the story arc evolved, it was clear that it was time for her to go. I shan't be ticked again by her absence if there's a 6th series or, slightly more likely, film.

Some of the story arc made no sense. There are coppers being kidnapped and beaten by a well known person. Isn't that grounds for something immediate to happen, legal or otherwise? Might have prevented a tragic outcome.

Nice touch at the end when the boss takes off the coat before the handcuffs are applied. Pairs well with the great scene in series 4 when Luther grabs one of his coats off the rack and gets to work. Which, itself, calls back to the end of series 3.

We have watched the first episode of Ruth Wilson's Mrs. Wilson (not a coincidence) and will catch up this week and next or so. It's good. Must see for Wilson fans.