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Don't recall a language shift. I did lose HD for about 5 minutes - it was like when I first started watching wrestling over-the-air back in the 70s, but not in the nice, nostalgic way.

Definitely a watchable, if not entirely memorable show. I know, I know, I know Goldberg can't go more than 5 minutes, but give us 5 freakin' minutes please. I don't think that is asking too much. Good point about breathing for The Fiend; that looks hotter than the lucha masks. With Finn Balor expected to take some time off, they should feed Bray a mid/upper-mid card baby face or 3 before getting him into the top tier. As much as I'd like to see Strowman beaten by him, I don't see it happening. We don't know what brand he'll be on yet (if it really matters), but he can beat Rey Mysterio before building to facing Roman or Brawn. I'd keep him away from Ricochet, so that each can build.

Having said that, they'll probably job him out to Brock Lesnar next PPV, because...WWE.