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Originally Posted by HMS Irruncible View Post
Our first game was Catan and we binged on it, but my daughter complained that it's no fun once you get behind. I disagree, but to a kid, feeling like you're behind in a 2-hour game is no fun.
I also disagree with your daughter.

It's no fun when you're ahead, either.

Hey, question for you board gamers. What's a good game for 9 year old kids that can go in 30 minutes or so? Maybe a card-type game?
I was coming in to recommend Welcome To..., a ~30 minute card game. I'm not great at estimating ages for games, but I think a nine year old would be in to it.

Each player is competing to get the most points by building a suburb. You have a sheet of paper with three rows of houses on it. In the middle of the table, three decks of cards give you combinations of house numbers and special abilities. The players (it can go up to pretty much any number of players, if you've got enough game sheets) each pick one of the combos and records it on their sheet. The house numbers have to go in ascending order from left to right. You can skip numbers, but you can't repeat or go backwards. Meanwhile, the special abilities let you go after other scoring opportunities, like building pools or planting parks.

Lots of fun, easy to learn, and very quick to play.