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Originally Posted by notfrommensa View Post
If the Commissioner is going to get "fired" (for lack of a better word), it will because the players want him gone, not the sponsors or charities.
I disagree completely. The sponsors rule everything. If the sponsors drop out, the players DON'T GET PAID. Pretty sure that'll get their attention in a big damn hurry since the whole "pro" thing kinda requires getting paid.

Now, are the big golf companies gonna kick? A little, but not too much. Can't kill the goose after all.

But Rolex? NetJets? The various banks? They'll do the usual cost/benefit analysis and when cost comes up higher, they'll bail. And there go the multi-million $ paydays.

This is all talking about very low probability outcomes though. In reality, the sponsors/broadcasters will simply quietly let it be known that they'd prefer the pace of play picks up to quell the noise. And it will be made to happen. End of story.