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The problem with bringing in slow play rules - and then enforcing them - is that it usually has the opposite effect and slows the game down for everyone.

Look at tennis. We used to have a couple of slow players who were a bit of a joke, but then the powers-that-be brought in the 'maximum time between points' rule (What is it - 25 seconds? Not sure).

Result - now EVERYBODY takes the full 25 seconds between points - every single time. Play the point, walk slowly back to the service line, ask ball-boy for towel (because of the huge sweat build-up caused by the last 5-second rally), check coach in stands, adjust shorts, look up at sun -'Yep, still there', think 'Why am I here? Oh, yeah , playing tennis', look at opponent - 'Oh, him!', bounce ball 5-6 times, stop bouncing and shuffle 2 mm along service line, bounce ball another 5-6 times, toss ball in air, catch ball because - I don't know, global warming, or the plight of the sea lions, or something - start routine again. Eventually, after about 45 seconds, the umpire may cough politely to hurry them up. (For comparison, just youtube some tennis from the 1960s).

I know nothing about NFL history, but I bet the 40-second rule between plays was introduced to prevent time-wasting. So now - virtually every time the full 40 seconds is used.

Ridicule the slow players - point out how everyone hates them. But if you decide to bring in enforceable laws, it will result in a general slow down, because then EVERYONE will use the full time allowed time EVERY time.

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