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Semi-retired surfer here. Swell mapping today is annoying perfect, due to satellites measuring wave heights. Waves are predicted anywhere up to two weeks out, so everyone can schedule things to get there at the right time.
Only locally produced wind swell (like the Great Lakes produces) are harder to predict, as winds can generate rideable waves in a matter of minutes. is one of the best for long term predictions. is the biggest, and they have scooped up all the beach cameras. You can watch for 30 secs free, with ads.

The contests themselves (long story short) have been endlessly squabbling, probably since surfing began, as to when/where to hold the contests. Even if good waves are predicted, the ocean is fickle, people are fickle, the permitting system is fickle etc etc.

Redbull does "contests" at terrifying surfspots, with perfect giant waves, and the best in the world, which IMHO is a better way, than say, the recent Huntington Beach contest, scheduled probably a year in advance, and the waves were horrible forthe amount of trouble involved.

The advent of mechanical wave pools has everyone excited, but the it will tend end up like snowboarding has, that is, multiple versions of the same "sport"...some doing gymnastic type events in fixed areas/waves, others.

In the various surf sites i frequent, the discussion is raging nonstop, has been for years.

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