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Originally Posted by Stanislaus View Post
Well - no rain tomorrow, some on Fri, none on Sat and showers on Sun. But sure, if it's rained off, it's rained off.

As for tickets: you can now buy Lord's tickets online! But sure, it would be difficult or impossible to make tickets transferable. That's no loss compared to the current situation. The point is, we've planned a 5-day game so we should try to have a 5-day game. The idea of reserve days is perfectly feasible, more so if you plan for it in advance.

Let's say there was a reserve day on Monday, and the powers-that-be decided to use it. Everyone with tickets for Thurs, Fri and Sat would turn up as usual. Tickets for Sun (Day 5 originally) would now go on sale. Day One holders have first refusal to swap at no cost for Sunday's tickets or any other unsold ones. Monday would be a normal Day 5, tickets on the day. The broadcasters might have to scramble a bit (but again, knowing a reserve day was a possibility, they'd have contingency plans), but a full Test match would be played and we'd avoid a washout draw.
Oh I agree and it was quite a while ago I was talking about- Steve Waugh was still playing. I guess the guys selling pies may not be happy about how many sales they could make on the final day of a rain affected Test.

In Australia about 40 years ago there was a rained out Test and they simply played another Test. Guess the schedule is so busy now that isn't possible.