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Originally Posted by glowacks View Post
So you intentionally bet real money in order to turn something that you wouldn't otherwise watch into something you would watch? This seems like the opposite of rational, but then again, people do the same thing with alcohol to turn things they wouldn't do into things they like doing and don't seem to recognize the absurdity of it, so I guess it's par for the course with humans doing self-destructive things just for a bit of perceived entertainment. Of course, there's no difference between perceived entertainment and actual entertainment for most people, but there definitely is for me - I can point to one specific moment in my life where my dad did something that let me know that just because I thought what I was doing was entertaining me didn't mean that it actually was in real terms. Ok, he really just said something like "turn that show off; it's for babies", but when he effectively told me that I could no longer be legitimately entertained by something designed for babies, I should be more circumspect about the choices I make for entertainment. If you intentionally do something stupid just to have fun, you may want to reconsider what you're doing.

Personally, if I put money on a sporting event, it would be because I thought I had an edge in research over the market. I also wouldn't be able to stand watching the game play out, but would prefer just to see the results. I do casual prediction games for sumo tournaments (no money, but pride), and it really helps that the competitions are like around 5am in the morning in my time zone so there's no real way I can watch live.
I've watched exactly one day of American football since 2013 and that was when three friends and I traveled to a newly opened sports book in West Virginia for an outing last year. Football's only redeeming quality in my eyes is how great a sport it is to gamble on.

I watch one sport because I find the skill and competition enjoyable but I can't say that I actually care about the outcomes very much.