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Tried VR last night. Moving on the ground is the standard point-to-point teleport that most VR games use. Turning was kind of coarse, making fighting animals a little hard, but I didn't look through configs to see if that can be changed. VR UI for stuff on the ground needs work. You basically get a flat view like you do in 2d, only it's not always clear how to do things like move materials to different inventories.

Flying the ship in VR mode was interesting. All the controls are virtual - you have to grab the joystick & throttle with your VR hands and control the ship that way.

Dogfighting pirates was actually pretty fun - right up to the point where the game stopped taking input from my controllers and I couldn't turn. Luckily, mouse and keyboard were still working, but I had to fumble for them while getting shot and only barely made my escape to a nearby planet's atmo.

Flying close to the ground seems like a great way to get to puke city, fast.