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The issue with rain and washouts in cricket, is that it they have always been a part of the culture of the game. Because cricket has the draw - because you run out of time to finish the game - there has always been the narrative of one team 'hurrying to beat the weather' and the other side 'hanging on grimly and praying for rain'. Entire 5-test series have been played where one side got lucky in one test and the other 4 get washed out. Sure, it's not fair, and extremely frustrating if your team is on the wrong end of it, but it's part of the game's fabric.
I understand that it's part of the tradition of the game, but that doesn't mean it can't be changed, or that it wouldn't be in everyone's interests, especially the fans', to change it. As you've already pointed out, they've made adjustments for bad light. They've also gone with things like the third umpire, decision review, the snick meter, and numbers on the players' backs. Cricket is big business now. The players get paid a lot of money, and fans often spend not just hundreds of dollars on game tickets but, in the case of something like an Ashes tour, thousands of dollars in airfares and hotel rooms to make a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

I'm not arguing that they need to create domed stadiums, or make up for every single minute of play lost to rain. There would still be room for weather to affect the outcome of games. If you get a one-hour rainstorm, on the afternoon of Day 3, or if rain delays the start of Day five by two hours, then maybe that's just part of the game, just like it's always been. But when you know, especially in an English summer, that there's a decent possibility of losing one or more full day's play due to rain, you could at least schedule a couple of extra days to allow for that.

Anyway, I thought that today's play was interesting. The Aussies missed a couple of catches behind the wicket that they really should have taken - one at keeper, and one in the gully, I think. They also needed to have the slips closer to the bat; twice in three overs a solid edge failed to carry to Warner at first slip, and there were other edges that fell short.

England will, once again, be regretting some rather rash shots, but I don't think they'll be too upset with their first-innings total, particularly given that they were 6-138 at one stage. In fact, if they had managed to take another Aussie wicket before stumps, I think they would probably feel that they had the better of the day.

I think the Aussie bowlers spent too much time bowling short to the tail end. I'm not especially squeamish about short balls to tail-endersóthey're all pretty well protected these daysóbut you need to mix it up more, and not send down bouncer after bouncer like they were doing at times.

Overall, I feel like the match is pretty well poised, and if there's not too much more rain over the next three days, I think there's still a decent chance of a result.