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Only smart phone tickets are allowed for NFL games?

It seems the NFL (and some other places) have gone to only allowing smart phone tickets to enter games. There are pretty much no other choices. As I don't go to too many games, this was quite a surprise to me. Apparently it started last season? But is 100% mandatory this year.

It's supposed to cut down on fraud (commendable), make it easier to get tickets to your party (maybe) easier to sell (maybe) and most importantly, "build a relationship with them or personalize their experience," (that is, send them unwanted ads on their phone).

What do you all think of this? To me it seems more another step in forcing everyone to have smart phones. Submit! Resistance is futile! And of course, another way into your phone for targeted ads and data mining.

And it takes away the memento ticket. But you can "amass a digital collection in much the same way [you've] done with physical tickets". But they're still "working on it."

Who has used this, and what is your experience with them?

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