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Originally Posted by CarnalK View Post
Well, "Sleepy Joe" might not be the way to put it but I think whether to elect a 76/77 yr old man to the job is a legitimate issue. I don't know how you can phrase it that would satisfy the likes of DrDeth and Sherrerd.
No, mere age isn't, I mean, Look, there's been a couple dozen posts maybe here about how old Joe is- but Sanders is older. And trump is a close third.

Why is Joe too old but Sanders and trump arent?

The answer is simple- Biden is in the lead, so the GOP and Sanders and the Kremlin are attacking him. And trump and the kremlin are scared of Biden.

So Biden gets hit- "too old" "too gaffee' " too whatever" and Sanders gets a pass.

Maybe we shoudl stop helping trump get re-elected and focus on the issues and which candidate is better?