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As far as being delighted by the Mets comeback....I'll bring up Harpers recent grandslam walk-off. If one can't enjoy that just as a human being....I don't know whats wrong.

Baseball is a great game. Though better in person. anything can happen in any game. On TV....well....i'm getting old and my attention span* is affected, but its still great to clean the house to.

*Not only that but my ability to handle tension. For the Red Sox, I'll usually watch just the first game of a playoff series and then check in time to time on the following games. If the tension is really bad, I'll go to sleep just so i can wake up and check when the game is over. You can imagine how bad that 17 inning WS game many times I'd wake up, check, and say "Are you shitting me".

I was just checking Twitter when Kinsler had his horrible error, so all I'm reading is a screen full of "OHMYGODS!! NOOOOOO"....I think i cried a little cause i knew how bad he felt, how bad this would affect the bullpen, how much the difference is between being up 3-0 and 2-1 is.

I'm is great. The Sox this year not so much. They're unbearable this year....but it could be worse. They could be the Orioles.