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Originally Posted by Atamasama View Post
MMOs have always had these and they are just as prominent as ever. I do miss my guild I was with for many years over a dozen games.
This was going to be what I was going to note. I play two MMOs (Final Fantasy XIV, and Star Wars: The Old Republic), and guilds (or "free companies" in FFXIV) are still definitely a big thing, particularly for players who are interested in content that works better with an organized team, like raids or PvP.

Also, over the past year or two, it seems like Discord has become the hot game-neutral platform for both voice chat and text chat, in place of older platforms like TeamSpeak and Mumble. AFAIK, in Discord, you don't need to rent a server or anything like that (though there may well be some advanced benefits to getting a paid account, that I'm not aware of).

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