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Originally Posted by glowacks View Post
So you intentionally bet real money in order to turn something that you wouldn't otherwise watch into something you would watch? This seems like the opposite of rational, but then again, people do the same thing with alcohol to turn things they wouldn't do into things they like doing and don't seem to recognize the absurdity of it, so I guess it's par for the course with humans doing self-destructive things just for a bit of perceived entertainment.
It's very rational. I'm essentially buying drama. I'm buying tension. I'm buying a feeling that wouldn't be there if I didn't have some kind of personal stake in the game. It's a feeling that beats the hell out of watching any movie or TV show or playing a video game. I bet enough to make the game interesting, but not enough to really hurt me if I lose.

Edit: as to the above post, there is no sport that brings the tension and drama like baseball. Not everyone has the patience for's kind of like cranking a jack-in-the-box. When something happens, it HAPPENS!

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