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Originally Posted by FlikTheBlue View Post
How likely is it that today’s games and systems will still work in 40-50 years? In particular I’m wondering about the Nintendo 3DS and the games for that system, but what about all the other systems currently out there? What about old systems like an original NES from the 80s? Do any of them still work, and is it likely that those that still do are about to break down soon?
It is likely that you will be able to play current games and systems on *something* in 50 years time, through emulation.

The actual kit itself is as subject to the ravages of time as much as anything else. Consumer electronics left alone for years does fail, but some units will probably survive and others will fail. It's likely such failures will be down to capacitors, which are replaceable if you have a bit of knowledge.

There are still lots of original NES systems from the 80s that still work, so they are halfway there.