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You're absolutely right, if Bell suffers a career ending injury in the first year of his contract, he made the right decision to sign with the Jets rather than the Steelers. Other than that, he sacrificed money to get guaranteed money. It is, of course, his decision, and I support his ability to get as much money as he can. But I think you really have to ignore history and common sense to conclude a guy who will make less during the time it is highly unlikely he'll be cut, will make less in yearly salary, and skipped out on $14.5 million is better off.
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God forbid I defend the Steelers (good owners, horrible fans)...
I'm no expert on pro football contracts or the workings of the collective bargaining agreement, but it seems pretty clear from reading some articles on this that Bell cost himself money with his holdout.

I'm not interested in criticizing him for it. I think players need to look out for their own interests, and I've got no time for fans who blather on about "the good of the team" and other bullshit like that. That's especially true in a league where the owners hold so many of the cards. It's not like baseball, where all your money is guaranteed no matter what. Bell took a gamble based on his perceived self-interest. It cost him a year, and will probably cost him some money, but I don't really blame him for doing it.

The whole conversation about him (and Brown, for that matter) seems to be all or nothing. Either the Steelers shafted Brown and Bell, or Brown and Bell are disloyal assholes and the team was right to stand up to them. Brown, especially, does seem like a bit of a strange personality, but there are primadonnas all over professional sports. And sure, Bell wanted a lot of money. But can anyone seriously argue that Pittsburgh wouldn't be a better team if they still had two players who, between them, have almost 20,000 yards from scrimmage over a combined 14 NFL seasons?

There's a decent chance the Ravens are going to suck this season, but I'm certainly happier knowing that their biggest rival won't have one of the best running backs and one of the best wide receivers of the last decade in their lineup. As for the fans, I sort of like Drew Magary's take:
The Steelers’ record this year won’t matter at all to these fans, who only want to make sure that Bell and Brown both get their respective comeuppances. For a city that loves to portray itself as blue-collar and industrious they sure do hate collective action by black guys. It’ll just be a four-month stretch of them bleating I TOLD YOU SO anytime AB drops a pass...

They’re a bunch of clammy rubes who just witnessed a historically good offense get disassembled thanks to needless acrimony, and they could not be happier about it. Their team is now an ashen heap of failure and they’re fucking BEAMING with pride. Finally, their boys can get back to Stiller Footbaw!