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He Hate Me Keeper Leage 2019 - Year 17

OK a little later than I intended, here's the thread for year 17 of the He Hate Me Keeper League.

NFL Season Starts Thursday, September 5
Keeper Declaration: 9/1/19 (at midnight)
Live Draft: 9/3/18 @ 8:30pm EDT (Tuesday)

Keeper Rules
1. You can only keep a maximum of 3 players.
2. You can only keep players drafted after the second round (third rounders or later only.)
3. A player can only be kept a maximum of twice. (Making 3 total roster years.)
4. A kept player incurs a two round penalty (e.g: drafted in the 6th, kept in the 4th.)

Hall of Fame
Year 1 winner: mouthbreather
Year 2 winner: Spiritus Mundi
Year 3 winner: Spiritus Mundi
Year 4 winner: The Mad Hermit
Year 5 winner: Nurse Carmen
Year 6 winner: Weirddave
Year 7 winner: VarlosZ
Year 8 winner: Weirddave
Year 9 winner: Really Not All That Bright
Year 10 winner: Really Not All That Bright
Year 11 winner: VarlosZ
Year 12 winner: Ottoerotic
Year 13 Winner: Weirddave
Year 14 Winner: motu
Year 15 Winner: Johnny Ace
Year 16 Winner: dalej42