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Originally Posted by Robot Arm View Post
I never got around to asking this before. I remember hearing that Ortiz was back in the U.S. very shortly after the shooting, but I never heard how he got here. I would think it would be difficult to transport someone who was so gravely injured. Is that sort of transport done routinely, and are there planes specially equipped for it? And is medical care so much better in the U.S. that it's worth taking the risk of moving someone here very soon after being shot?
Answered in Post #6 in this thread:
Originally Posted by Telemark View Post
Apparently the Red Sox hired an air ambulance and set it down to DR to fly Papi back to Boston for medical care at Mass General.
1. He got to the US by air ambulance hired by the Red Sox.
2. As the name "air ambulance" implies, yes, there are special planes equipped for transporting ill/injured passengers. They are generally staffed by trained medical personnel and equipped with specialized equipment like an ambulance, but are usually bigger so they have more room for 'stuff'.
3. I would say that the Red Sox certainly thought so and apparently, Ortiz's family agreed with them. While we can't argue the negative (what would have happened if he had stayed), his survival suggests that, at a minimum, they weren't wrong to take the risk.