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Am I the only one skeptical that a little ole scuff mark made by a pitcher is gonna make any difference, that in fact there is no way such a thing would cause a baseball to move any differently to the degree that it could be noticed by the naked eye? Now, mind you, I'm not saying it won't, I'm just saying I'll only believe it when I see it. And I'm speaking in regard to the admittedly subjective amount of actual scuffing a pitcher thought he could get away with. I found this ridiculous piece of fluff which proves nothing, in that they literally took a cheese grater to a baseball. Can anyone find something more convincing?*

*And don't make me start a thread about the usefulness/effectiveness of "framing" a pitch in fooling an umpire. If an umpire is that blind, he has no business behind the plate in the first place.

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