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If I were 50 and had no hometown loyalty to bind me, I'd probably vote for the Cowboys. But I'm older than that.

If you go back to when I was a teenager, Cleveland was by far the most exciting team and Jim Brown was the most exciting player in the league, and that imprinting means a lot. My wife moved from Cleveland in 1965, and to this day she still remembers the Browns fondly and sneers when she hears the name "Art Modell."

I grew up with the Cardinals when they played in St. Louis, and despite myself, I followed the team in Arizona until the last player who had been on the roster in St. Louis retired.

Unfortunately, Stan Kroenke moving the Rams and trashing St. Louis on his way out of town has utterly destroyed any fandom my wife and I had for the NFL. I still tune into the Super Bowl, but I don't watch any other games.

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