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Boy, I got lucky! Turned on the TV at 8:55, and was flipping through the channels when I ran across it.

First episode (chicken parmesan) - pretty good- I thought his criticism of the standard dish was on the money, and his altered version looks like it would be tasty as well.

Second episode (ancient grains) - meh. While the broccoli quinoa mushroom casserole looked tasty, I kept wondering if I could just do it with rice, since I already have it in the pantry. That chia pudding just did not rev my engine- I'm not a fan of avocado in the first place, and little I've had with chia has been particularly good.

That said, the shows themselves are pretty much on the money- maybe a bit long on the monologue and less on the props/silly acting than some of the older ones, but still the same "Good Eats" formula and still mostly the same Alton Brown- maybe a bit more serious than before or something.