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Originally Posted by Moriarty View Post
The Cowboys, though, seem to be a team that has had multiple runs with multiple mini dynasties - they made their first Super Bowl with Craig Morton as QB. They had a great run with Staubach. Then Danny White got agonizingly close. The late 80s kinda sucked, but then you get the Aikman teams. It gets bad for a little while, but then Tony Romo gets your hopes up and Dak Prescott has the team thinking of another run. So, for fan excitement, Im picking Dallas.
I agree, and I was always an Oilers fan until they left Houston, and haven't really been much of a NFL fan since then.

But the thing about the Cowboys is that they seem to have had more up than down over the years, there's robust media coverage of the team (like literally every single day if you live in DFW), and there's a lot of off-the-field goings on that you can get into- the Cheerleaders show, the shenanigans the players get up to, and the various goings-on of the ownership/management/former players of the team. For example, you'll see a lot of stories about former Cowboys.

So if you're really into the whole total experience of a football team, they're the ones to go with.