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I found that the recipes in the Reloaded series were way over-complicated. I liked the original series because the explanations were interesting and useful, and the recipes were (often - not always) something I was comfortable doing myself, and I got good results with some of them.

I particularly liked his method of using a cast iron pan to cook a steak. It was fast, simple and gets very good results. In the reloaded series, he re-visited the recipe and, in my opinion, way over complicated it with all that reverse-sear and sous-vide, and repeated heating and cooling stuff.

I cooked a Costco steak using his original method this weekend. It came out great. I intend to keep doing it that way.

I notice that he is using a lot of new ingredients and uncommon spices and things in his newer recipes. This isn't necessarily a problem, I like new flavors. But some of them seemed unnecessary. I got the impression he was using them more to be different than because they added anything to the dish.

I will give the new series a chance, but I hope he doesn't keep over-complicating things.