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Originally Posted by Isosleepy View Post
Average age of NFL audience is 50. You get to go back in time, advise one in that audience which team to be a fan of, at the age you deem appropriate (but no older than 25)- with the goal of maximum enjoyment between then and today. You are allowed to factor in things other than wins and losses. Which team? New England, Dallas, Steelers?
Cleveland, Detroit I would expect to end up near the bottom, even with that whole perverse pride in sticking with a losing team thing.
If I'm reading this right, we have to rewind at least 25 years to 1994, when the 50 year old was 25, but we could arbitrarily go back up to, say, 1979, when the 50-year-old was 10? So between 1979 and 1994.

#1 easiest sell, regardless of how far back we go: Your home team. If you lived in the same place your whole life, definitely go home team. If you moved around a lot, not so much.

#2 easiest sell: Patriots. Doesn't get better, especially if you start with either Superbowl loss in 85 or 94(?). That must be tremendous satisfaction.

3) Single Dynasties
I imagine it's hard to beat the awesomeness of watching your team become a dynasty. (He said, wistfully...) 49ers on quantity but Cowboys on history. There is some amount of enjoyment following a "storied" franchise, but then again, Joe Montana. If we could push back into the 70s both the Steelers and Cowboys shoot to the top of the list: At least one dynasty, plus another separate multi-Superbowl run. Is that too far back, though, going to like 6 or 8 years old? (I'm 48, watched football as a kid, faded away, became a fan again for good at 19. I think below maybe 13 is pushing it.)

4) Multiple Winning Eras
The Giants won four rings, two each in the 80s and 2000s with very good but not great teams for three of them. Exciting games, at least. Bonus points for getting extra national games because New York. The Broncos won three rings, two in the 90s (Elway!) and one in the 2010s. And the Packers have two rings in our time frame, one each in the 90s and 2000s. Bonus points because both teams were great.

5) Single Winning Eras
The Redskins boast 3 rings, but if I remember correctly two were strike-shortened and/or scab players, which is a bummer. And the first was at like 12 years old for our hypothetical 50-year-old, which is pretty young. Honestly I think I'd put the Steelers ahead of the Redskins here, but man, Ben's first Superbowl was putrid.

6) And the Red Sox win!
Since the timeline ends this season, an argument could be made for long-suffering franchises that finally got the first win "recently." The Saints would be tops in this category, I think. Seahawks would be solid, though that's a lot of pain to carry on the missed second ring. I tend to think not the Eagles, if only because of the infuriating frustration of the Reid/McNabb era. Still, that was a LONG drought that finally came to an end, and it's fun to live through history like that.

So let's see, that gives me, in order of easiest sell:

1. Home team (if you never moved)
2. Patriots (greatest dynasty)
3. Cowboys, 49ers (single dynasty)
4. Giants, Broncos, Packers (multiple winning eras)
5. Steelers, Redskins (single winning era)
6. Saints, Seahawks, Eagles (recently earned first championship)

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