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I played it and enjoyed it but I also played 2033, Last Light and read (well, listened to) all three Metro novels. Exodus is sort of a cross between 2033/LL and the Stalker games -- you have a fairly linear section followed by an open zone section where you explore and do the various tasks before going back to a more linear section, etc. It's nowhere near as crazy as true open world games like Ubisoft titles with a kajillion objectives; the zones are fairly compact but large enough to warrant exploring. There isn't a karma system quite like the previous games but there is a good and bad ending and it's pretty obvious how to stay good (don't kill civilians, don't kill people when the NPC says "Hey, don't kill these people", if someone says "I sure wish I had a coat" and you find a coat, give it to the person, etc). The stealth and gun mechanics are about the same as 2033/LL except now guns are more modular and you can make some changes on the fly and find a few other gear upgrades to your suit and helmet.

If you liked the linear nature of 2033/LL and don't mind open world games, you'll probably like it. If you hate either, you'll probably get annoyed with it at some point. The story is okay, nothing really amazing but services the game and puts a nice cap on the game series. In case you're curious, 2033 followed its novel pretty closely, Last Light is nothing at all like 2034 (hence the different name, I assume) and Exodus basically takes three plot points from 2035, condenses them into the first ten minutes of the game as a pretext for what you're about to do and you're off.

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