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There is no CFA here in Canada, but there's a Popeyes near me so after reading this thread I thought I'd try their new chicken sandwich this afternoon. I like spicy, so I picked the Cajun. It was pretty good, and I liked the toasted bun it was in, but man, it was spicy-hot! I have a high tolerance for hot, and this was just on the this side of being almost uncomfortably hot. Next time I'm going for something milder.

It's interesting reading about the huge crowds around Popeyes in the US, as the one in my neighborhood is so consistently deserted that I wonder how they stay in business. Today there was one person in front of me who had just finished ordering, two patrons at a table, and that was it. Meanwhile the McDonald's a few hundred yards away constantly has both lines of the drive-through backed up well into the parking lot. Go figure!

I have yet to have a better chicken sandwich than the one I make myself, which starts with boneless skinless chicken breasts rubbed down with spices and well marinated in my Secret Marinade and grilled on the barbecue, then sliced and put on a toasted bun with bacon, romaine lettuce, and mayo. The best foods are often just the right combination of quality and simplicity!