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Originally Posted by Hamlet View Post
Clearly Chubb and Johnson are keepers, both have top 12 ADP and pretty clearly THE RB on their respective teams, so the question is Keenan Allen or Devonta Freeman. Last I checked, Keenan Allen is apparently back at practice, so his injury status shouldn't be a problem. And I think Devonta's Freeman's days as a bellcow are done (Ito Smith looked good this preseason and they've now used a 4th or 5th round draft pick on a RB in each of the last 3 years), so I'd be likely to go Keenan Allen, especially in a PPR. I think his upside is much better than Freeman's, although Freeman would likely have more trade/flex value if he does get the volume he did in the past.
I agree that Freeman is probably the one you can spare from that group.

My question: I have a chance to keep Zeke Elliott for a first round draft pick in a 8 team league. Should I? He's got incredible value as the uncontested, heavy volume RB, but things are not going well for his holdout. I don't doubt he'll return (he gains nothing if he holds out the whole season, because he won't get any closer to free agency), but he could, in theory, wait until after week 10 to do so. Which could be a killer in this league. I could keep him and draft Tony Pollard way higher than I would normally, but missing out on your first round draft pick for even a few weeks can be catastrophic. As they say, you can't win your draft in the first round, but you can lose it.

So do I do it? Keep Zeke?
After what Le’Veon Bell did I’d be wary about a RB who’s holding out. I doubt Elliot will hold out too long, but I never thought Bell would hold out an entire season either. So I would be careful there.