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Originally Posted by Overly Sentimental View Post
So the first part of this says Dale gets an extra pick this year because he's one slot light after the trade. I get that.

I don't really think I understand the second part of this though...why would I "[not] end up having that pick"?
If you traded away your 1st and 3rd next season, but then next year you decided not to cut anyone, there wouldn't be any picks to give to dale to satisfy the swap. Say, you only cut two players. You wouldn't have a 3rd to send to dale, so he would get your 2nd round pick in that case. Best that you just consider it mandatory to cut 3 players next offseason.

Another note, dale has to send two picks back to you so that the trade is even, so it's something dale needs to think about as well. He could end up losing a ton of value next season if he doesn't cut enough players.

If it sounds confusing, it is. These types of trades have never been "1 asset this year for multiple assets next year" as far as I remember in this league's history. So this uncharted waters, in a way. Part of the reason the rule about trades having to be balanced is to avoid "gotchas" in future years.