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Happens in cricket as well. The speed off the bat is slightly lower as is the bowling speed but the distance from bowler to batsman is shorter at the point of release and even more by the time the ball comes back to the bowler (who has travelled several meters down the pitch by that point).

So overall reaction time for the hardest shots off the fastest bowlers will be much the same. They have no protection but in cricket the batsman will pretty much always be trying to steer the ball away from the bowler to avoid the classic "caught and bowled" so a straight driven ball to the bowler is not typical. Catches do get taken like that but they are not as spectacular as the more gymnastic ones above and certainly many, many injuries do result from them but pretty much all are soft tissue or broken digits. I'm struggling to think of serious bowler head injuries in that situation.
As others have said, practice, anticipation, reactions and self-preservational instinct probably mean most nasty injuries are avoided.
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