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Thanks for taking over this year at commish, Wilson. I ended up having to pick up the dynasty league when Varlos disappeared and I've been less invested in FF lately and in general didn't want to run as many leagues as I was.

If anyone happens to be interested, we have a few spots open in the big league. It drafts next week, Wednesday the 4th at 8pm eastern. You have to attend the draft - because we have 20 players and yahoo's automatic values are meant for 12 players, the auto-drafter simply can't build a viable team.

But it's a fun league - with how much bigger it is than normal you have more strategies/difficult decisions you can use in the (auction) draft. And talent is spread much thinner, so you're more rewarded for finding breakout players and sneaky good values.

If you can make the draft and you're interested in trying it this year, send me a PM or post over in that thread.