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Originally Posted by That Don Guy View Post
Are there any "obvious strategies" for the early zones? For example, is there a particular ratio of employees among the jobs I should be targeting? It seems to me that metal should be my priority, as that's what drives the weapons and armor upgrades. Also, should I be focusing more on "more Trimps" or upgrades?
A lot of this will depend on how early these “early zones” are.

If you are pre-60, then Block is very useful so you need wood.

If your population is too low to use all your Coordinations, then you need more housing, emphasizing your most valuable housing building (except Wormholes! Wean yourself off of wormholes as soon as possible). At some stages, this makes food the most valuable resource so you can build Tributes and earn gems.

Eventually you’ll have enough population to support your Coordinations, and then metal becomes your most important base resource. Try to prestige your equipment as far as possible rather than buying levels which get reset on your next prestige.

Keep an eye on your He/hr. It’s not necessary for every run to reach a new Highest Zone Ever. If your He/hr is falling, then it’s time to spend the helium on some perks and then portal. Of course there are a hundred exceptions to this rule where it’s worthwhile to push forward a few hours to unlock or complete a new challenge. But if spending twice as long on a run will only yield 20% more helium, you’re far better off portalling and repeating the run instead.

Whatever stage of the game you’re at, there’s great guides at Wikia.