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In grade school, my brown bag lunches were usually peanut butter & jelly or American cheese or bologna. But a few times a year, Mom would simmer some cheap hot dogs and dress them with ketchup, mustard & sweet relish before rolling up in waxed paper. She isn't from Illinois and didn't know the Chicago hot dog orthodoxy and I didn't know any better at the time but those were great. At some point, I was old enough to get two for lunch, awesome. If I may recommend pairing with a half pint of 2% milk..?

Originally Posted by RealityChuck View Post
I decided to try a Chicago hot dog when I was there, so I picked a place I spotted from the bus. It was great.

I later looked the place up (Portillo's) and discovered it was rated as one of the top ten restaurants in Chicago.
Some people lime to rip on Portillo's and loudly complain that it's all gone to hell since Dick Portillo 'sold out,' but I haven't seen it. They have fine representations of a lot of Chicago fadt foods: hot dogs, Polish sausage, Italian beef, Chicago chopped salad. Maybe not the best at every one but at least better than average. And you can get a beer.