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I went on a work retreat to the Bahamas, then a few years later I saw the Atlantis Resort and the Ocean Club in the Daniel Craig Bond film "Casino Royale".

A few years ago, I was watching the beginning of the movie "Police Academy" (the first one). There's a scene where Steve Guttenberg is parking cars and I realised that the office building I was working in was built on that parking lot.

There are a number of other locations in Toronto that I have recognized in films:

* In the movie "The Incredible Hulk", the Hulk and the Abomination have a big fight in Harlem which was shot downtown on Yonge Street (with a very conspicuous shot of the strip club Zanzibar).

* The movie "Suicide Squad" had a bunch of locations in different parts of Toronto. One time my wife and I were walking in front of the MaRS Centre and a whole row of military vehicles were parked on the street. I wasn't sure what was going on until I noticed that the MaRS Centre was covered with fake bullet holes and a sign saying it was the "John F. Ostrander Federal Building".

* Lots of movies use the unusual-looking Roy Thomson Hall as a semi-futuristic shooting location. For instance, the recent TV show "The Boys" used computer graphics to turn it into the superheroes' skyscraper headquarter. Also, my current office building was used for a bank robbery scene in the same show. I watched some of the filming from inside the building, which was kind of neat.