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Judging by the wear on the stairs, I'm certain A LOT of people have walked down the Untouchables stairs at Chicago's Union Station. It was still cool to walk down them.

Originally Posted by Horatio Hellpop View Post
Breach, the Chris Cooper movie about FBI turncoat Robert Hanssen, had some park and woodland scenes filmed near where I grew up in northern Virginia. The story said Vienna or Fairfax, but it kid of looked like Reston to me.
One of the few films I've ever seen that actually filmed inside an actual DC Metro station, and not some other city's subway passed off as DC's Metro.

In the upcoming Wonder Woman sequel they filmed some scenes in Georgetown, and because it takes place in the 80s, they recreated a few notable 80s Georgetown establishments, such as Commander Salamander, even though it wasn't in the exact location of the now-long-gone store (and the sign wasn't 100% accurate, but whatever).